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No other road, no other way
No day but today
Always (3/3) 
9th-Sep-2013 07:15 pm
Serious Jirou
Author: [Bad username: chouta_angel]
Title: Always
Rating: M/Mature
Warnings: Violence, death, sex, emotional manipulation
Disclaimer: The author claims no ownership of anything in this story.
Summary: Yukimura's a vampire but how did that happen? And what events have happened to him?
Notes: I couldn't have done this without Fee. I'm sorry for all the teasers but the support you gave helped more than I think you realize. To my readers? See you next time~
Story 2 out of 5.


Yukimura walked the hallways of the hospital. He knew exactly where he was going. Seeing Akaya awake in the room, Yukimura smiled. “My pet,” the vampire practically purred.

The boy's grin lit up the room. “Mura!” He cheered as he carefully scooted over as much as he could in the little bed. It was the little things like that that made Yukimura love the boy even more.

“And how are you tonight?” The vampire asked as he settled next to the human. Akaya curled up beside him and Yukimura placed a protective arm around the boy. This right here. This was what Yukimura had wanted and missed.

“I'm okay.” Akaya gave a little yawn. “Tomorrow's gonna be awesome though. I finally get to go home.”

Yukimura's insides froze. The boy was going home? There was going to be no more Akaya? This was unacceptable.

“Akaya, what am I going to do without you?” Yukimura pushed his way into the human's head. It wasn't hard and the vampire smiled when he saw just how Akaya felt. He had the boy almost exactly where he wanted him. The pure adoration and love Yukimura had built up was so deliciously beautiful. To have this just gone? No. The vampire couldn't handle that. Young, sweet Akaya had become Yukimura's own personal drug, one so addictive that just taking it out of his life would be a fate worse than death.

“You could come visit. Or I could come visit you?” Akaya's elbow jabbed into Yukimura's side. “I could finally get to see your mysterious room.”

There was an idea. Akaya was all that tied Yukimura to this hospital. If he could get an invitation, he could see the boy in his natural environment. “Would you invite me into your residence?”

Akaya gave him a look. “Mura, that's so formal sounding,” he complained. “You sound like my grandpa. I mean, it's no big deal if you come over and see me 'cause you're my friend.”

Yukimura smiled, not realizing he hadn't been told yes. “Oh my sweet pet, you have no idea how happy you've made me.” He hugged the boy. For once, all of Yukimura's plans were finally going to work out just the way he'd planned. The universe was giving him this adorable boy, one who was both pleasing to the eye and endlessly entertaining. There were no others, well, other than perhaps that strange Niou, who stood a chance at taking Akaya from him. Yukimura doubted that Niou was much of a threat.

“When you're healed,” Yukimura went on, “I'm going to change your world.” Seeing a faint blush on the boy's cheeks only encouraged the vampire. “I will show you things you'd never imagined. There's so much I can teach you.”

“Do you have to?” Akaya asked, nose scrunched up as he frowned. “I don't want a teacher.”

Leaning over, Yukimura placed a chaste kiss on the boy's lips. The blush on Akaya's cheeks darkened. “You'll like what I show you,” he promised. “Remember, I'm a vampire.”

The boy's nervous chuckle told Yukimura the human still didn't believe him. Not a problem for Yukimura. He had all the time in the world. Besides, amusement was far preferable to fear. If the boy primarily feared him, it would have been almost impossible for Akaya to trust the vampire.

And now that he thought about it, Yukimura realized he hadn't gotten an official invitation to enter Akaya's home. “Now, my pet, I am going to ask again. When you return home, am I invited in?”

The boy made a face. He squirmed and accidentally jabbed Yukimura in the side again. “Is it really that big a deal?”

Yukimura's eyes narrowed. “Akaya...” The sympathy had disappeared from his voice. He wasn't going to play around anymore, at least, not until he had a valid invitation. That was absolutely vital. This one little thing, that was the one thing capable of keeping them apart after all. And it had to be given of Akaya's own free will. Making the boy say it wouldn't work.

Akaya's eyes widened. Yukimura could see a hint of fear around the edges of those beautiful green eyes. There were times when fear was an effective tool.

“You're invited.” The human looked down, staring into his lap. His fear had filled the air and it was a heady scent. The temptation to lean down, bite Akaya, and drink was strong. Even without tasting the boy, Yukimura knew his Akaya would taste wonderful. How could he not? The boy was already so sweet and feisty. It made for an addictive combination.

“Good to hear.” Yukimura decided to treat the boy by kissing him again.


Seiichi chuckled as he looked at little Sanada Sayuri. At some point, she'd fallen asleep and was now curled up on the floor. Glancing over at her uncle, sitting in his usual spot off to the side, Seiichi caught his eye. “You should put her in her bed before she catches an illness.”

Sanada's eyes went to his niece and then back to Seiichi. The vampire smiled. “I'll still be a little while,” he assured. “I won't need her for what I have left though so it's okay.” Truth be told, Seiichi hadn't needed her for the last couple of nights. He'd just used the situation as an excuse to see Sanada.

“If you want,” he added as he watched Sanada pick up the little girl, “when you return I'll let you see what I've done.” Seiichi knew, even without getting into the human's head, that Sanada would be back. Seiichi had been so secretive about letting anyone see the portrait. No eyes other than the vampire's own had gazed upon what Seiichi had to admit was a masterpiece.

It wasn't long before he heard the soft padding sound of footsteps. Smiling, he motioned Sanada over. When the man sat beside him, it was all Seiichi could do to keep his heart from beating so hard it burst out of his chest.

“This looks just like her.” Sanada's voice was full of amazement. The human shifted, reaching out to touch the portrait. Seiichi slapped it away.

“Don't,” the vampire scolded. “She's still wet.” He tried to ignore the tingling feeling in his hand from where it'd touched Sanada's. He gave the human a stern but gentle look. “Wouldn't want to ruin her, now would you?”

There was a hint of smile in Sanada's eyes. “It's not just anyone around here who would tell me no.”

“I'm not just anyone.” Seiichi set his brush down, his hand now resting dangerously close to Sanada's knee. A thought popped into the vampire's head. He wondered just how far the human would let him get. “I'm Seiichi, the painter.”

That got a little chuckle out of Sanada. “Well then, are you going to keep working?”

Seiichi shifted, turning so he now faced the human. “I need to let it sit for a little while,” he explained. “If I did any more now, it'd cause this section,” he pointed to the spot he'd been working on, “to be completely ruined.”

“Though there is something I could do,” Seiichi continued on. The human gave what Seiichi could only hope was a curious look. “You could let me paint you.” He hoped, oh how he hoped, Sanada would say yes. That would be like something out of a wonderful dream. “No charge. It would just be a portfolio piece, one to show as an example.” And for Seiichi to keep for himself.

“Why me?” Sanada shifted, closing a little of the distance between them. Seiichi's stomach danced around his gut.

How to answer that question? There was the honest but potentially embarrassing answer or Seiichi could attempt to make up a lie.

“You're the most perfect looking man I've ever met.” Honesty really was the better answer in the long run. Besides, that was just the sort of thing to completely throw off Sanada. The look on the human's face was perfect. Seiichi decided to keep going. “I've met many men in my life but you're the first I've had the actual physical urge to paint.”

All of this was true. Sanada Genichirou was perfection, both in looks and personality. Well, maybe not quite in the personality department. The man was quiet but it was never an awkward silence, at least, not until now. Seiichi was watching the human carefully, waiting to see his reaction. It amused the vampire to see the changing emotions on Sanada's face. The man was trying to keep a straight face but wasn't doing a very good job of it.

“Why are you telling me this?” Sanada asked once he finally composed himself.

“Because I feel like it. And if it bothered you, you would have told me to leave by now.” Of course, if Sanada tried to do that, Seiichi would break his personal vow of not breaking into the human's head. He didn't want to break Sanada's spirit but to keep the man at his side, Seiichi would do anything.

“My father hired you for a job. It wouldn't be my place to tell you to leave.”

“One that I'm not working on at the moment.”

Sanada raised an eyebrow. “No, you're not.”

Seiichi moved his hand a little closer to the human. His fingertips were lightly touching the man's knee. “Does this mean you're going to ask me to leave?”


And with that one little word, Seiichi knew he'd won.

This soon became their routine. Each night after Sayuri went to bed, Sanada would return to watch Seiichi paint. Some of the time, Seiichi would work on the girl's portrait but more often than not, the vampire worked on his personal project. He painted Sanada but he never let the human see that one. While Seiichi painted, the two exchanged pleasantries. Seiichi did his best to make Sanada blush during these conversations. He succeeded more times than he failed.

All of this was turning into a giant test of Seiichi's patience. To be so close to Sanada but not touch, to only see the surface...Seiichi's only consolation was that he'd been able to openly stare at his human without arousing suspicion.

But on this night he wasn't working on Sanada. Seiichi had the man's niece in front of him. Setting his brush down for the final time, the vampire stared at his work. This truly was his greatest piece of completed art.

“Sanada,” he called. He stretched, reaching over to lightly tap the human. The poor man had dozed off and all Seiichi wanted to do was kiss him. The instant he was touched, Sanada woke up. He snapped to attention. “She's done.” The human seemed to have trouble comprehending that statement so Seiichi physically pulled Sanada over. He might have wondered how Seiichi had the strength to do so but any questions were left unasked as the human caught sight of the portrait.

Seiichi was rather proud of it. He had managed to capture the essence of the girl's entire being. At times, the eyes had seemed to stare into Seiichi's soul. The look in them, he still had trouble deciding if they were haunting or just sad. This was, without a doubt, Seiichi's best piece of work. The only one that could top it was his other project, the almost completed Sanada.

“I'll present it to your family tomorrow evening,” Seiichi promised. “And I've completed the other enough to not need to return so there I won't have a reason to return after that.” The words hurt. Each one stabbed him in the heart and the temptation to take Sanada, to force the change on him now and to take him as Seiichi's love slave was stronger now than it had even been before.

The only reason he'd even said those words was to see Sanada's reaction. “Tell him you need another week.” The vampire stared, for a moment wondering if he had just imagined hearing that. It was only the combination of the look on Sanada's face and the hand on Seiichi's arm that convinced him this was real.

Seiichi took his chance. He shifted until he was sitting next to Sanada and leaned back against the man's chest. The human's heart was beating so strong and fast it was a wonder it didn't wake the household up. “You could always come to my studio, the room I've got in town.”

Sitting in this position made Seiichi feel incredibly vulnerable. It just felt so intimate too. The vampire was no stranger to love and sex. He should hope not after a couple of centuries. At least, that's what Seiichi had always assumed but sitting like this with Sanada was starting to make him rethink that stance.


That one word crushed all of Seiichi's hopes. If he'd needed to breathe, he'd have been unable to at the moment. He went to move away. Being this physically close to Sanada was bad. Already Seiichi could feel his sharp canines and knew he'd have to make the human pay.

An arm around Seiichi's wait stopped the vampire from going anywhere. “No more excuses to see me.

He had to be dreaming there was no way Sanada would have said that aloud. And the man's voice, it had sounded impossibly close to the vampire's ear. On a hunch, Seiichi did what he had promised he'd never do. He reached into Sanada's head. Only to realize he was already in it. The human had absolutely no barriers and was practically broadcasting every thought. Seiichi smiled, settling in. He could use this to his advantage. It wasn't cheating, not with Sanada giving it all away.

“Sanada-san, if you want me, you just have to say the word and I'm yours.”

Seiichi could just imagine the look on Sanada's face right now and he loved it. He leaned his head back on Sanada's shoulder, looking up at him. “That is, unless you'd rather just do something instead.”

Sanada was just as red as Seiichi had imagined. The vampire hadn't thought it possible to fall more in love with this man but every little thing about Sanada Genichirou drew Seiichi in more and more. Yes, he realized for the millionth time, this was the one. Seiichi knew that if he had to live forever, this man was the only one for him. It wouldn't feel like forever.

Catching a stray thought, the vampire's grin grew. “If you were to, oh, kiss me I wouldn't say no, Sanada-san.”

“Genichirou.” Seiichi felt more than heard the name. Sanada hadn't said much but even that one word had reached into Seiichi's core, filling him with a warmth Seiichi hadn't felt since he was human.

“Genichirou,” he repeated, loving the way the name rolled off the tip of his tongue. “Now about that kiss...” Even the human's ears were turning red. Oh this was fun. Seiichi wondered why he'd never done this before, why he'd never decided to be just so bold with the human. It was having wonderful results.

Lifting his head up, Seiichi gave the human an awkward kiss. It was a complete mess and the worst kiss he'd ever given but it was still enough to keep Genichirou off balance. Sloppy and bad but the response was encouraging. The angle was bad though and after a minute, it was starting to make his neck hurt.

He reluctantly pulled away from the human. It was only for a moment though so Seiichi could shift his sitting position. Taking the opportunity to straddle the human's lap, Seiichi settled in. Much, much more comfortable this way. “My Genichirou.” Seiichi slid his arms around the man, placing a kiss on those soft, deliciously seductive lips.


Seiichi hadn't even heard the door open.

Genichirou's hand on the small of the vampire's back fell. He stared at something, obviously whoever had just spoken, just over Seiichi's shoulder. The voice was new to him but it sounded like a child's. “Who is it?” Seiichi murmured in the human's ear.

“Sasuke, what are you doing up so late?” Genichirou wasn't speaking to Seiichi but the vampire didn't care. He was more annoyed at how this interruption had distracted his human. Not enough to do anything yet about the distraction but still annoyed.

“I couldn't sleep,” the little voice replied. The sound of footsteps told Seiichi the child, because that was really the only reasonable explanation, was coming over.

Unsure of what Genichirou wanted to do about the situation, the vampire hid his face in the man's neck. He knew from experience that in the dark and from behind, he could easily be mistaken for a female. And from their positions, there was no way it wasn't immediately obvious the two of them weren't just talking. If it also gave Seiichi a chance to kiss his human on the neck, well, that was also acceptable.

“No one you need to concern y-” Genichirou's voice faltered as the vampire gave a testing nibble on that spot where the neck and shoulders met. “Yourself with,” he finished, squirming slightly underneath Seiichi as the vampire kept giving all his attention to that one spot. “Bed, Sasuke.”

“Maybe we should get a bed,” Seiichi whispered. Really, he just couldn't help himself. It had been set up perfectly for him. He could feel the heat of Genichirou's blush. The vampire wondered if he'd actually get to be so lucky. This night already felt like something out of a dream.

“But Oji-san...” the child whined. Seiichi felt little fingertips on his back as the child reached to grab his uncle's arm. The vampire pressed himself even more against the man. His current position allowed Seiichi to tell just how his man felt. If it weren't for the child in the room, Seiichi wondered just how long he'd be able to control himself. “Tell me a story?”

“Seiichi?” The voice was soft in the vampire's ear, lips brushing softly against it.

“Are you asking me for permission?” It was impossible to keep the amusement out of his voice.

“Seiichi.” This time, the voice was more stern in his ear.

Reluctantly he slide off his human's lap. “We'll finish this another time,” Seiichi promised. As much as he really did want to see just how far he could push Genichirou, Seiichi knew it would drive the human crazy for at least the next day if it stopped at this moment. “Remember what I said.” He kept his back turned, not wanting the child to see his face and waited for the Sanadas to leave the room. Once they were gone, the vampire quickly gathered up his belongings and left before Genichirou had a chance to return.

Early the next evening, Seiichi was woken up by a loud knocking on his door. He would have been annoyed if it weren't for the boy's thoughts. Really, it was amazing just how transparent the innkeeper's son was. So excited, Seiichi didn't bother to get dressed as he went to the door and opened it. “Yes?”

His state of undress seemed to startled the young boy. “You...you have a visitor, Seiichi-san. A man from the Sanada estate.”

That could only be Genichirou. “Send him up.” Closing the door, Seiichi leaned against it and grinned. His stomach fluttered. He looked down at himself, realizing for the first time he was dressed only in his sleeping pants. They were old, a good few decades, and he should have thrown them out a long time ago but they were just so comfortable. Getting dressed was the appropriate thing to do. Seiichi was far from appropriate but he grabbed a white shirt and threw it on. Buttoning it up was too much work. The scene was almost perfect. The only thing that would make it better was how he positioned himself.

Unfortunately Seiichi didn't have the time for that. Another knock on the door signaled his visitor had arrived.

“I knew you'd come,” Seiichi said as he opened the door. Genichirou's eyes were wide as he saw the vampire. Grabbing him by the shirt, Seiichi pulled the human in. His other hand closed the door, it slamming shut rather loudly. Seiichi didn't care.

“You left.”

“You were putting your nephew to bed.” He let go of Genichirou's shirt and took a few steps back. The man swallowed hard as he did his best to avoid staring. “I've yet to finish the second portrait,” he went on. “But I can put the finishing details on here without needing you to sit for it.”

The wide-eyed look on the human's face was adorable. Even was even amusing as the look shifted to one of confusion. “Needing is one thing. But wanting...” the vampire took a risk that wasn't a risk and closed the distance between them. “Wanting is an entirely different matter.”

For the first time, it was the human who initiated the kiss. The action sent a pleasant thrill through Seiichi's body. He decided right then that he needed to let Genichirou take control more often. Especially as a warm arm snaked around his waist and pulled the vampire closer. Pushing the human back, there was a satisfying thump as Genichirou was backed up against the door.

“Is this a game?” The man growled.

Seiichi slid out of the human's arms. “Afraid to play?” He went over to where his art supplies were scattered on the table, straightening them up a little. He could feel eyes on him, watching his every move. Seiichi took his time and if his shirt managed to slip off his shoulder, well, it wasn't like the vampire was shy about his body. He might have been old but his body didn't look it.

“I'm not afraid of anything.”

“I've heard those words before.” Many times. Every single time, the person was wrong. This was the first time the one saying them really didn't have to be. A living, breathing Genichirou was far more fun than a dead one. Running a hand along the back of the small couch he'd dragged with him all the way from Paris, Seiichi took a seat. He motioned Genichirou closer.

It wasn't a surprise when the man sat next to him. Seiichi leaned on him, resting his head on the man's shoulder. “Tell me about yourself.” The human didn't say anything but Seiichi could tell this wasn't what he'd expected to hear at all.

The next question only confirmed it. “Is that necessary?” Genichirou asked, reaching over to brush some hair out of Seiichi's eyes. Such a simple act but one that took him completely by surprise. He never would have pictured his Genichirou to be the gentle type. The man looked so strong and stern, refined but rough. This new gentleness shouldn't have been a surprise. Genichirou had been sweet with his niece, understanding with his nephew. It only made him want the human more.

“Yes,” Seiichi replied. He was going to spend the rest of time with this name. Having him physically was one thing but to know Genichirou on a personal, emotional level? That was the most attractive thing Seiichi could think of. “Tell me about your family,” he prompted. “I knew about Sayuri-chan but I didn't know about the nephew.” At least, he'd assumed that little Sasuke was a nephew.

“He's Sayuri's little brother.”

“That's all?”

“My brother doesn't have any more children.” The human shifted, resting an arm around vampire. Seiichi felt so warm and safe and comfortable. He couldn't remember ever feeling that way. Maybe this was what home was supposed to feel like.

“I have a question about your name.” There was one thing that had been bothering Seiichi about it ever since he'd found out the man had an older brother.

Genichirou chuckled. “Yes, we are descendants of Sanada Yukimura.”

Who? The name wasn't familiar to Seiichi at all. Digging into his memories from his early human childhood, Seiichi felt the name Sanada was familiar. Something about a Sanada Masayuki stood out but he didn't know why. “I'm afraid I've spent most my childhood overseas so I'm not familiar with that name.”

“He was also known by the name Sanada Nobushige,” Genichirou continued.

Oh! That name made something click in Seiichi's head. “I think I prefer Yukimura,” he admitted. “The name just rolls off the tongue so beautifully.”

“I looked up to him when I was a child.” The human sounded almost embarrassed. “As a boy, the stories about him were always my favorite.”

That was absolutely adorable. “That wasn't the question I was going to ask.” Seiichi had his question. “I'm curious about your name. It's Genichirou but you have an older brother.”

His human gave an embarrassed sounding chuckle. “Oh. That. Oni-san's not my father's heir. He...was the child of an affair my father had with a servant.”

That's a story that Seiichi knew all too well. “And you've not other siblings so he was being brought up as a potential heir since it took you so long to be born.” Just a guess but a correct one. What surprised Seiichi was that he'd actually been told such a personal family detail. He wasn't going to complain though. Knowing that Genichirou was the Sanada heir did explain quite a bit about the man. A second son usually wasn't supposed to be so stern and responsible but if he was the actual family heir, well, that changed things.

What it didn't change was the fact that Seiichi was going to take the human away from his family. At least the Sanada family wasn't going to be left entirely without someone to take over the family. Genichirou's older brother, bastard he might be, could take the job once more.

Tracing the kanji that spelled his name on Genichirou's arm, Seiichi had to ask. “Anything else you wish to share with me?”

“Tell me about yourself.” It was an order but no one ordered Seiichi around so it was a request.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to tell Genichirou some stuff since he was eventually going to be the vampire's equal one day. Hopefully that day would be soon. “I was born to a no-name servant in a place like this,” Seiichi admitted. In a way, his story was similar to Genichirou's brother But without being raised as a potential heir. “I hated that place so I ran away. I even took the lord of the house's only son with me.”

“So you make a habit of that?” Genichirou sounded amused with a hint of jealousy thrown in. It had a nice ring to it.

“We were eight and nine,” the vampire replied. “Myself the older one. We made it to the harbor and hid on a Portuguese ship.” Even after almost three centuries, Seiichi could still vividly picture it all. “We almost made it to Okinawa when we were discovered. The sailors wanted to pitch us into the ocean.” Oh, he liked the way Genichirou tightened his grip.

“A passenger on the ship stopped them. His name was Alejandro, a Spaniard traveling on his way home. Essentially he adopted us because he took care of myself and Haji until his death.” And then they'd had Jean-Paul. Seiichi had far preferred his vampiric sire over his adopted, well, uncle really was probably a better term for the relationship. “He took us all the way to France where I learned to paint.”

“You didn't say there though,” Genichirou finally said after a few minutes. “You've been in Japan a long time now.”

Seiichi laughed. “Less than a year. That's hardly more than a blink of an eye.” Perspective really was everything. “Soon you'll think the same way.”


“Nothing.” The vampire raised his Genichirou's fingers to his mouth, lightly kissing the tip of each precious finger. He truly was the luckiest being in existence, getting this wonderful man all to himself. This relationship, new as it was, held no traces of awkwardness or strangeness. Everything just felt so right, like he'd always known and been with the human.

Genichirou leaned over, placing a soft kiss on the back of Seiichi's neck. “And Haji-san? What happened to him?” Shivers went up and down the vampire's spine. No one had ever kissed that spot. To bare his neck meant to show weakness and that was absolutely unacceptable. Only Genichirou was special enough to get away with that.

“One of Alejandro's friends took us in. He saw to it that we finished our basic education. After a few years, he too left us. Haji and I were on our own.” Those first few years after Jean-Paul left them had hurt but if Seiichi had stayed with the older vampire, he would have died. Jean-Paul would have killed him. Hajime would have been safe with their sire but there was no way Seiichi's little brother would have not followed Seiichi. Besides, they'd had fun being on their own for the first couple of decades. They had been young and full of life, no adults telling them what to do. It had been a teenager's dream.

“Haji and I didn't stay together long.” Not in the long run away. From the jealous growl in Seiichi's ear, he could tell Genichirou didn't like the way that had been worded. “Don't worry. Haji was my little brother, that's all. Being with him in any other sense...” The idea made him physically ill. “He went his own way while I stayed in Paris to perfect my art. I honestly have no clue what's happened to him. Even if I did, I haven't the faintest idea of where to even begin looking.” And that was the honest truth. The was was huge and it had been nearly two hundred years since he'd last seen Hajime. The kid could be anywhere.

“Now,” Seiichi decided, “enough about that stuff. I've got you and to not take advantage of that would be a pure and utter waste.”


It was wrong of Yukimura to be here but he couldn't help it. He needed Renji. The human was away and his friend, that horrible Inui, was alone in the hotel room. Yukimura was tired of sharing. This ended tonight.

Knocking twice, the vampire waited. The look on Inui's face said it all. “Surprise,” Yukimura greeted as he slipped into the room under Inui's arm.

“Renji's out at the moment.” Say what he had about about Inui, Yukimura was impressed at how fast the human recovered. As the vampire sat on the room's only bed, the human's expression changed. It was a subtle one but after so much time with Renji, Yukimura considered himself a master at reading people. “You're not here for Renji.”

“Well, I am,” Yukimura admitted, “but you're also right. You and I, we need to have a little talk about Renji.” He patted the space on the bed next to him invitingly.

Inui leaned against the door and crossed his arms. As much as it irritated Yukimura, he couldn't help but find the human's wariness refreshing. He couldn't think of a time someone had put up this much resistance. “Renji's his own person and can make his own decisions. If there is anyone you should be having this talk with, it's him you want. Not me.”

“We both know that would accomplish nothing.” Yukimura leaned back, resting on his hands. “He would keep doing this awkward dance back and forth. Eventually he'd snap or one of us would pay the ultimate price.” The smile that accompanied Yukimura's words made Inui pale a few shades. And here he'd thought the already pale human couldn't get any paler.

“You want me to leave.” At least Inui didn't play around. He also didn't sound shaken or disturbed. This Inui Sadaharu was a strange one. In another situation, Yukimura could have respected the man.

“And never speak to Renji for the remainder of your lives,” the vampire finished. “But we both know that will never happen.”

“The chances are the same if it were you to leave him,” Inui admitted. “Which leads us back to where we've started.”

Yukimura nodded. “Well,” he said after a moment, “not quite. You see, Inui Sadaharu, there's one thing you don't know about me.”

Curiosity. Yukimura liked that. In a blink of the human's eye, Yukimura had crossed the room and had him in an unbreakable grip. Inui struggled but it would do him no good. “You see, I'm not human.”

The vampire bit down as hard as he could on the human's soft, weak neck. Something popped and Inui cried out in what could only be pain. He fought to get away but all he succeeded in doing was slice his neck on the vampire's impossibly sharp canines. Barely any time at all had passed before Yukimura felt Inui go limp in his arms. He could tell the human was barely holding on to consciousness.

Yukimura chuckled. Licking his lips, he looked Inui in the eyes for the first time. “You're something special too, aren't you? I've never tasted someone like you before.” Human blood had a metallic taste to it but Inui's had something else too. Cinnamon-y. Quite honestly, it was delicious.

“He...-rned me...you...” The human could barely speak.

“He?” Yukimura stared. “Who is this 'he'?” There was no way it was Renji. Yukimura had been far too careful for that. Hajime? That didn't seem likely either.

“Him.” Inui seemed to gather one light bit of strength as he said his final words. “Sanada Genichirou.”

The human's neck snapped with a loud crack. “Oops,” Yukimura mocked, “hand slipped.” Inui's body fell to the floor in an undignified heap.

Looking down at himself, Yukimura sighed in annoyance. “You messed up my shirt. Honestly, I don't think you realize just how impossible blood is to get out of things.” He left the human in front of the door as he rummaged through Renji's small suitcase. Finding a shirt he liked, Yukimura set it aside and looked at the body. It was blocking the door. Renji wasn't going to be able to enter the room.

In the end, there was only one option. Yukimura easily picked up Inui's body, setting it on the bed. He even turned it so Inui looked like he was asleep. After that, Yukimura grabbed one of the chairs and sat next to the room's door. When it was opened, it would hide him. Yukimura waited.

Renji took longer than expected. Or maybe taking care of Inui hadn't lasted as long as Yukimura had planned. Whatever it was, it felt like it took an eternity for Renji to appear.

“Sleeping already, Sadaharu?”

Even after he closed the door, Renji didn't seem to notice Yukimura. The vampire stood. “He's not asleep.”

Yukimura watched the blood drain from Renji's face as he finally noticed Yukimura. The vampire still hadn't changed his shirt so he was still covered in Inui's blood. “Yu...Yukimura.” Renji took a step towards the vampire. “Are you...okay?” The human's voice was faint as if he were in shock.

“Don't worry.” Yukimura put on his best smile, the one that made him look the picture of angelic perfection. “It's not my blood.”

Immediately Renji's eyes turned to Inui's lifeless body. “Sadaharu.” There was a sense of urgency in Renji's tone as the human crossed the room. He shook the body, trying to get his now-deceased lover to wake up.

The vampire did his best not to chuckle as Inui's head flopped around. “I already told you, he's dead.”

Renji too far longer to realize that than Yukimura had expected. He was supposed to be logical but his actions right now defied any sense of the word. The amount of attention Renji was paying to that stupid corpse was just plain ridiculous. No amount of shaking or calling out to was going to bring Inui back to life. There was nothing on the planet that could do that. Finally, Renji seemed to understand the reality of the situation. He looked at Yukimura, eyes full of a fiery passion the vampire hadn't thought Renji capable of. “You did this.”

No denying that. “I did but only because of you. I might have done the act.” Yukimura took a few steps towards the bed, stopping in front of Renji. “But you, my love, you killed him the moment you let yourself love him more than me. Never forget that.” Yukimura sealed the statement with a kiss. Some of Inui's blood stayed behind on Renji's lips.

Picking up the shirt he'd put aside earlier, Yukimura walked to the door. The drop to the ground wasn't a far one so he jumped, easily landing on his feet.

And with that, Yanagi Renji was out of his life for good.


Seiichi rolled over and smiled at the human curled up next to him. “Ne, Genichirou,” he whispered. The man was asleep but it never too much to wake him. Sure enough, the human's eyes were open almost immediately.


That simple response always made Seiichi feel like he was floating on a cloud. Running a hand across the human's muscled chest. Seiichi moved closer to snuggle in the man's warmth. “It's been a year.”

A wonderful year that Seiichi knew was only the start of a long, happy existence together. He'd been debating for weeks when to tell Genichirou. When he'd realized it was almost the one year anniversary of their first kiss, Seiichi had decided that was the perfect moment. “And there's something else...”

“Don't tell me you're pregnant.”

It was always fun when Genichirou's playful side came out. Seiichi liked to think he was mostly responsible for it.

“I think we can both agree that we lack the necessary parts for that.” Besides, Seiichi couldn't stand children. At best, they still made him want to kill them. The only exceptions were Genichirou's niece and nephew and only because of what their deaths would do to their uncle. “No, it's something else entirely.”

That had Genichirou's attention. Seiichi continued. “I love you. More than anyone or anything else in this world.” It wasn't the first time Seiichi had said the love word but this time was special. Even Genichirou, who was normally rather dense about this sort of talk, seemed to pick up on just how important this was. “I want you to spend forever by my side.”

The human gave his version of an embarrassed chuckle. “That's it?” Of course you will.” Hearing that filled Seiichi with joy.

“Those are the greatest words ever spoken.” He placed a soft kiss on his human's lips. There was only one thing left to do to make it official.

“But, you do realize I”ll be required to marry, don't you?”

Seiichi's stomach dropped. “No. I don't share what's mine.” He was special after all. Ever since he was little, he'd been told that. His mother told him he was the child of one of her gods. The only child his father ever loved. He'd crossed oceans and faced death. He was untouchable. No one told him no. All of this was why he'd been gifted with endless life of eternal youth. Besides, it would be impossible for Genichirou to live as a human once Seiichi turned the man into a fellow creature of the night.

“Seiichi...” It was rare to hear Genichirou's stern tone, especially when directed at Seiichi himself. “I'm the family heir. I have to provide them with a legitimate son.”

“You don't understand.” Seiichi sighed, shaking his head. He held onto the human. “Genichirou, to be with me, you'll have to leave this life behind. It may be hard to imagine now but believe me, it will be the best decision of your life.” He placed a series of soft kisses all across the human's chest. Working his way down the human's chest and and torso, the vampire smiled when he reached where their blanket covered the human's lower half. “You'll be with me.”

It came as a shock when Genichirou pushed him away. He'd never refused Seiichi. No one did. “Be reasonable,” the human scolded. “It is my duty to serve my family. I can't just run away with some artist. At best, it would shame my family forever.”

“Are you rejecting me?” Even to Seiichi's ears, the words sounded cold. He glared at Genichirou and was only mildly satisfied at the human's flinch.

“It doesn't have to be this way.” Genichirou sighed, reaching to pull Seiichi back to his side. The vampire pushed the hand away. “No matter what, you'll always be first in my heart. There are just other duties that I absolutely cannot abandon. You'll be brought in, Seiichi, and set up with anything your heart desires.” Seiichi could see into the man's thoughts, see the scenario Genichirou had planned out. But living in the Sanada household, as Genichirou's lover was never going to happen. Even if Seiichi could stomach the idea of sharing his man with some woman, it would never work in the long run. The humans would have too many questions.

“But it does, my love.” The sad tone of Seiichi's voice hit Genichirou hard. There was only one option and Seiichi hated himself for it. He couldn't have Genichirou. Trying to force the change on him would never work. The man would only resent Seiichi for the rest of eternity. But no one else could have him either. Seiichi knew himself, knew he couldn't let anyone else have this strong, wonderful, kind, perfect man. He would be Seiichi's forever.

Breaking his personal promise, Seiichi forced his way into Genichirou's mind and took control. “I'm so sorry,” Seiichi apologized as he began to drink. Tears rolled down his cheeks, mixing with the taste of the blood in his mouth. If sorrow had a taste, this was it. Internally, Genichirou struggled to get out of Seiichi's hold but the vampire's grip on the human's mind was too strong.

And then the man known as Sanada Genichirou was gone.

Wiping the blood off his mouth with the back of his hand, the vampire knew a part of him had just died forever. Gently laying Genichirou down, he leaned over to share one last kiss.

Seiichi was no more. From now on, he was Yukimura.


There was a letter in his mailbox. Yukimura stared. There was never a letter in his mailbox. He kept staring at it, amused. That all changed when he saw the name on the return address.


Forty-seven years later and the name was still enough to make Yukimura's unbeating heart skip a beat. He'd never seen or spoken to the man after that night in the motel. At this point, he hadn't even known if the human was still alive or not. Apparently Renji was. Yukimura read the letter.

“Mura, you're late~” Akaya sang as he waited on the tennis court. They were a few blocks from the boy's house. He looked so much better now. The boy had healed beautifully though his coordination still wasn't quite the best. Playing tennis had become their thing. Akaya's frustration at Yukimura being the better player despite only having learned to play from the human had become an endless source of amusement.

“My apologies.”

Something must have been showing on his face because Akaya's grin fell. “What's wrong?”

“It's nothing,” the vampire tried to reassure his pet. From the look on the boy's face, it was obvious that Yukimura was failing.


Akaya was special. Yukimura needed to remember that. The boy would understand. The vampire decided to drop all the games just this once. “An old friend of mine is in poor health,” he admitted. “Doctors have given him six months at most.”

The boy gave a long, low whistle. “That sucks.”

Just hearing that made the heaviness in Yukimura's heart lighten a little. “Yes, it really does.” Yukimura caught his boy's eyes, mesmerized by the depths of that green for a moment. “My pet, this friend of mine wants me to spend his last days with him.”

As much as Yukimura had never wanted to see Yanagi Renji against but he couldn't help but want to see him again. It had been 47 years. Renji was an old man now. And Yukimura still had one question he needed to ask. At the time, it had been a source of angry but as the years went on, it had turned into a huge source of confusion. Renji might not know but he was the best source Yukimura had. Inui's last words, Genichirou's name. How had he known? That was something Yukimura had never told anyone. No one from that time period, save Yukimura and Mizuki, were even still alive and Mizuki hadn't known about Genichirou.

“So, you going to go?” Akaya's voice broke through the vampire's thoughts.

Without realizing it, Yukimura was nodding. “You'll wait for me, won't you, my pet?”

The adoration was clear in Akaya's voice as he answered, “always.”


11th-Sep-2013 03:55 pm (UTC)
I read this through in one sitting, squeeing the whole way through, especially at all of the Yukimura depravities. I knew there was a reason I utterly adored Yukimura and it was demonstrated here in his ruthlessness. I know you had awful, awful thoughts about his depravity when we were chatting, but I loved it. Protective!Yukimura was simply amazing, in all three occasions. I also loved the hints of Mizuki (now I want to read his story so badly).

I also want to know about Inui and Sanada and Niou. Did Yukimura kill Sanada or make him a vampire? And does Inui know said vampire? All too fascinating.

This story was awesome (and inspired me to write more of my own story, so THANK YOU.)
11th-Sep-2013 08:45 pm (UTC)
I tortured poor Fee the entire time I wrote this. I'd give her a few lines a day but no context.

It's awesome to hear feedback though, especially that you liked it. I was really nervous at the start because this is the first time I've ever written Yukimura for more than a scene or two.

Yukimura took me to dark places. So dark. -_- But at the same time, so much fun.

Mizuki's story is coming. It's all plotted out but first, first I must write Niou's story. All answers will be revealed with time~

And yay! I'm glad to hear you decided to write more.
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